Boots-on-the-ground Research

Every region and crop is different, each coming with its own unique set of challenges. This is why we conduct our research directly in the regions we serve to bring relevant solutions tailored to the needs of farmers.

By collaborating with growers, universities, and the industry at large, our team of in-house researchers are working to solve some of agriculture’s most pressing problems.

Reach out to learn about our latest research and to inquire about collaborating with us.

Grape harvest at a Semios grape research trial

From data to action

You got the data, now what does it mean?

Not every grower can afford to hire a personal team of data scientists to transform large datasets into meaningful insights. But when you choose Semios, you leverage the power of our entire Data Science and Ag Insights Teams.

Our researchers work closely with growers to translate site-specific crop data into easy-to-use insights that support on-the-ground decisions. We believe our job is to make your use of AgTech effortless, cost-effective, and impactful so you can spend time doing what you do best.

Semios researcher connecting with growers in the field