We're helping nature feed a growing population

At Semios, we help growers leverage technology to produce more food, more sustainably. Through our precision farming platform, we provide crop management tools for growers of complex specialty crops like almonds, pistachios, apples, citrus, and grapes.

Leveraging an in-orchard IoT wireless network, machine learning, and big data analytics, we help growers predict and manage insect and disease pests, monitor weather-related risks, optimize water management, and respond to plant health conditions in real-time.

By helping nature do its best work, we help reduce the burden on the environment while keeping more money in the farmer’s pocket.

Our innovative pheromone dispenser incorporates a mini weather station that measures hyper-local in-canopy climate.

Our Values

“We never lose sight of the end user; the farmer. Farm data is only useful when it informs a decision that results in a better outcome for the grower.

It’s not enough to ship equipment to the field or put software on their phones and expect immediate adoption. We create partnerships with our growers in their field to enable impactful, sustainable results.”

Michael Gilbert, CEO & Founder


We transform data from the field into information you can actually use to guide critical crop management decisions.


Farming is a 24/7 job. Our systems monitor performance, all day, every day, so that the information you want is there when you need it.


Not everyone will log in every day, and that’s okay. Count on us to get you the information you need to make the best decision, at the right time, for the best result.

Our Story

We believe there is a better way to help farmers benefit from agtech.

With precision agriculture as a service, we make it easy to get the right data, at the right time, to get the best results. By tracking the key elements that factor into producing a good crop and putting them all under one login, farmers can intuitively make critical decisions with confidence.

From installation to ongoing maintenance and training, we take care of the tech so growers can focus on doing what they do best.

Recent recognition:
  • Agtech Breakthrough Awards – Overall Sensor Solution of the Year (2020)
  • Thrive Top 50 Agtech (2020)
  • Global Cleantech – Top 100 Cleantech (2020)

Member of the Semios team checking on conditions in the field

Passion with a Purpose

We’re a bunch of people who really care about agriculture, food, and the challenges facing farming. We want to help farmers strike that balance between the complexity of producing a viable, high-quality crop with the regulatory and sustainability hurdles on the path to the consumer.

Michael Gilbert

Dr. Michael Gilbert

Founder & CEO

Dr. Michael Gilbert is the CEO and founder of Semios, the leading precision farming loT platform for tree fruits, nuts, and grapes. Michael is a natural product synthetic chemist with a PhD from University of British Columbia and a post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Vienna. He has 25 years of experience in agtech and biotech R&D and production. In 2009, Michael founded Semios to meet the growing demand for data-driven sustainable and traceable food production.

Caroline Dunn CFO

Caroline Dunn

Chief Financial Officer

Caroline Dunn has over 20 years of executive leadership experience in scaling the growth of global technology companies, both public and private. Having served as CFO, COO and CEO, she has the broad experience to; guide companies through inflection points, speed trajectory and optimise operational execution. Caroline has contributed to the building and crystalisation of shareholder value through acquisitions, financings (equity and debt), take private transactions and exits.

James Watson

James Watson

Director of Sales and Marketing

James Watson is a technology sales and marketing specialist having assisted numerous Vancouver-based tech companies reach significant revenue growth milestones and acquisition. A graduate of Western University, James has a specific interest in farming and food production underpinned by his passion for divining the nuances of market development and customer acquisition.

Ron Hastings

Ron Hastings

Director of Finance

Ron Hastings is a career accountant and finance specialist and has held CFO roles at several private companies. He has managed the finances at firms with $100+ million in revenue and led acquisitions and multiple debt financings. He has also run his own consulting firm and managed offshore teams. Ron has a BBA from Simon Fraser University and is a Certified Professional Accountant.

Michael Burton

Michael Burton

Director of Engineering

Michael Burton began his career as an embedded software developer and now oversees our technical teams. Since joining in 2015, he has helped to evolve the efficiency and reliability of Semios’ network and refine the data pipeline. He has a degree in Computer Engineering from Memorial University of Nfld and work experience with network communications companies Ciena and Ericsson.

Tess Trethewey

Tess Trethewey

Director of Operations

Prior to joining Semios in 2017, Tess Trethewey drove operations and business development in Western Canada as General Manager at Arrow Electronics. In that role, she developed expertise in supply chain management and partnership development. Tess Trethewey has a BSc in Engineering Physics from the University of British Columbia and over 15 years of experience including Applications Engineering leadership roles in semiconductor businesses and working with loT solutions.

Heather McKay

Heather McKay

Director of Talent

Heather McKay is an experienced Talent leader who has helped to shape the culture and scale the processes of a number of successful tech companies. She is familiar with enabling organic growth while also having managed the people aspects of several M&A transactions. Heather has supported operations in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom and a number of European countries. Heather has an undergraduate degree from McMaster University and an MBA from the University of British Columbia.

Chris Loge

Chris Loge

Director of Product Management

For more than 20 years, Chris Loge has worked with customers and technology to conceptualize, develop and bring to market valued solutions. Prior to joining Semios, Chris has successfully led the launch of products and SaaS offerings with Nokia and several Vancouver-based tech companies. He received his undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of British Columbia.

Benjamin Owens

Director of Field Services

With a family history in tree fruit production in Idaho, Benjamin Owens has an intimate understanding of the specific needs of Semios’ grower customers. Benjamin has developed highly sophisticated systems implementation and customer support methodologies that have facilitated Semios’ rapid pace of customer expansion.