In-Canopy Weather Stations and Sensors

Accuracy where it matters most:

  • Better decisions start with better data: Fuel important decisions with the most accurate climatic conditions measured from in-canopy sensors right in your orchards instead of data from remote weather stations.
  • Granular, near real-time insights: Track temperature and humidity at a per-acre level with updates every 10 minutes.
  • Hands-off, labour-free install: We install the system so you don’t have to.

Semios temperature heatmaps show in-canopy temperature readings on every acre every 10 minutes

Better Risk Management

Minimize risk to your crops by understanding the climate conditions on every acre:

  • Degree-day reporting for effective spray timing: Know your orchard’s optimal application windows for greater impact based on in-canopy degree-day tracking.
  • Humidity levels for better disease management: Identify and target locations with the highest disease risk based on in-canopy humidity readings.
  • Temperature reporting for chill and frost management: In-canopy temperature readings provide the most accurate data for tracking accumulated chill portions or hours, and for advising frost management decisions.

A map showing the variations in degree days at a per-acre level, and the hot and cold spots in an orchard

Historical and Forecasted Conditions

  • Plan ahead: See 7-day forecasts of key climate conditions including temperature, above and below canopy humidity, wind speed, and more.
  • Recognize variations across seasons and location: Identify patterns of variability in temperature and humidity across your orchard for more targeted management decision making.

A graph of historical and forecasted above and below canopy humidity levels

Decision-Aid Highlights

Temperature monitoring

  • Historical and 7-day forecasts of in-canopy temperature
  • Up to per-acre temperature heatmaps

Humidity monitoring

  • Historical and 7-day forecasts of in-canopy humidity levels
  • Up to per-acre humidity heatmaps

Bee active hours tracking

  • Daily bee hours
  • Daily bee activity start and end times
  • Historical and 7-day forecasts of cumulative bee hours

Chill tracking

  • Chill hours and chill portions tracking and forecasting
  • Up to per-acre chill hours and chill portions heatmap
  • Compare chill across seasons

Growing degree days calculator

Hands-off, labor-free install

Semios’ professional Field Services team handles installation, remote monitoring, and maintenance so you don’t need to worry about the tech.

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