Tools for Easy Irrigation Scheduling

Plan and monitor your weekly irrigation schedule from one dashboard with all the key measures you need for optimal water management.

  • Automatically calculate your daily water balance with Semios’ irrigation planner which tracks weather, crop water requirements, precipitation, and applied water
  • Plan ahead forecasted in-canopy ET
  • Easily share your irrigation plan with your entire team

Accurate Remote Monitoring

Rather than relying on public weather stations miles away, Semios provides data taken from in-canopy sensors to give you the most accurate measure of what’s happening in your field.

  • Granular insights: Track temperature, humidity, and evapotranspiration at a per-acre level
  • Real-time monitoring: Know if your irrigation plan is being executed properly with irrigation set time and duration monitoring
  • Hands-off, labour-free install: We install the system so you don’t have to. Our technical irrigation team is experienced in navigating challenging soil types or topography, so you can be confident in our sensor placements for accurate readings.

Heatmap showing variations in crop evapotranspiration values and an irrigation activity chart showing the tracked duration of irrigation sets

Better Data, Better Decisions

Semios precision ag as a service combines disparate sources of data into one view for better decision making.

  • Draw from a diverse data set of climatic, plant health, water status, and irrigation data to understand how they all factor into your crop yield and quality
  • Identify variability in water demand across your orchard for more targeted water applications
  • Evaluate the impacts of your water management decisions with automated plant health indicators measuring levels of water stress

Decision-Aid Highlights

Soil moisture reporting

  • Get accurate available water content measurements at various soil depths
  • Automatic calibration and calculation of permanent wilting point and field capacity based on your soil type

Evapotranspiration reporting

  • Track ET at a per-acre level
  • Compare your in-field ET to the nearest public station
  • View historical ET and plan with 7-day ET forecast

Irrigation planner tool

  • Identify water deficits at a glance with weekly water balances that take crop water requirements, precipitation, applied water, and planned irrigation activity all into account
  • Plan your irrigation schedule for the upcoming days based on in-canopy ETc values and forecasted rain events
  • Share your irrigation plan with your team

Irrigation activity monitoring

  • Real-time monitoring of irrigation set time and duration

Hands-off, labor-free install

Semios’ professional Field Services team handles installation, remote monitoring, and maintenance so you don’t need to worry about the tech.

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