Working at Semios

We’re using technology to help growers of permanent crops to predict, identify, and reduce the impacts of pests, disease, and weather events. By applying big data analytics and machine learning to microclimate data gathered from our wireless IoT network of in-orchard sensors, we’re helping growers mitigate their risks and make data-driven decisions.

At Semios we envision a world where food production is more sustainable. By using pheromones to disrupt normal mating patterns of crop-damaging pests, we help reduce the dependency on harmful chemical pesticides. With our platform, we help growers produce higher yields and higher quality harvests.

  • We tackle new opportunities and challenges with enthusiasm; we don’t wait for someone else.
  • We share and listen to ideas from everyone to continuously improve and innovate.
  • We try new things and learn as we go.
  • We are a down to earth team – hard-working and fun-loving.

Meaningful work

We’re helping nature feed a growing population.

Our work improves agricultural sustainability. Our products help farmers produce higher yields, and higher quality crops while reducing the use of harmful chemicals – better for the environment and everyone’s health.

Collaborative environment

Our team is full of friendly and capable people who help each other out. We leave egos at the door and focus on working together towards our shared goals.

Collaboration and communication are encouraged across teams. Our flexible workflows allow us to uncover diverse ideas and perspectives.

Innovative technology

What we do has not been done before. This makes work fun and means we have to build and use new technologies to get the job done.

At Semios there is a consistent stream of interesting and complex problems to solve and opportunities to innovate. There is plenty of room to pilot new tools and freedom to create unique solutions.

Learning & growth

Challenging work keeps us curious and engaged. Individuals have the autonomy to approach things in the way they think works best and are trusted to handle projects and schedules to reach objectives.

Learning beyond your role is encouraged. Employees have the opportunity to learn from different areas across the company to expand their knowledge and skill set.

What We Do

Award-Winning Work

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