Know When Your Crops Are at Risk

With disease models and alerts, you can avoid wasting money on a spray that doesn’t give you the best results and reduce the risk of fungicide resistance.

  • Disease models tailored to your orchard: Get the most accurate picture of disease risk in your orchard with disease models built using per-acre data collected from in-canopy sensors.
  • Optimize spray timing: Alternaria, almond rust, fireblight, powdery mildew, and other disease models help you time applications for optimum treatment results.
  • Be notified automatically: Set risk thresholds and receive disease outbreak alerts on your phone or computer for improved timing of control measures.

Heatmap showing the variation in fireblight infection risk at a per-acre level

Be Prepared with Disease Trends and Forecasts

Anticipate future disease trends from in-orchard conditions, site history and regional weather forecasts.

  • Identify historical trends: identify what parts of your ranch have been more susceptible to disease risk in the past.
  • Know what’s coming next: see next week’s forecast of disease risk so you can be prepared to take action ahead of time.

Comparison of predicted risk levels for walnut blight across two seasons, highlighting blocks that tend to be more susceptible to disease risk

Decision-Aid Highlights

Per-acre data for maximum accuracy

Semios monitors temperature and humidity down to a per-acre level to alert you to high-risk conditions.

Text & email alerts

Set risk potential thresholds and receive alerts directly to your phone or computer.

Risk index & leaf wetness reporting

  • Monitor and set alerts for wetting events
  • Identify both rain and dew
  • Reduce the risk of accidental disease outbreaks

Disease models for almonds, apples, grapes, & more

Semios has disease models for:

  • Alternaria
  • Almond rust
  • Fire blight
  • Powdery mildew
  • Walnut blight

Hands-off, labor-free install

Semios’ professional Field Services team handles installation, remote monitoring, and maintenance

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