Protecting your land for generations to come

Hit sustainable farming targets

Ambitious sustainability goals require an integrated, action-oriented approach. The Semios crop management platform uses data from your own farm to unlock opportunities to:

  • Organically manage pest populations
  • Optimize water use and plant stress levels
  • Pinpoint pest risk for more targeted or reduced chemical applications

IBMA Member

An apple orchard in Italy

Streamline reporting requirements

Working at the farm level, Semios tracks your per-acre climate, pest, and water data automatically making it easier to document your contribution to environmental and climate priorities.

Per-acre farm data helps you:

  • Align with EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), and EU Green Deal priorities
  • Track progress towards regional or co-operative sustainability targets
  • Highlight areas of opportunity

Farmers walking through a walnut orchard

Backed by a team of experts

Our team of agronomists, entomologists, crop researchers, and data scientists are continually conducting research to improve the Semios platform to help you achieve your sustainable farming goals.

Ways our team of experts supports you:

  • Customized variable-rate pheromone dispersal and optimal spray timing windows to maximize impact
  • Continuous research to provide the most accurate pest and disease models
  • Regional reports & insights into your crops
  • Updates to expand the Semios platform’s capabilities and ease regulatory burden

Semios researcher connecting with growers in the field