Integrated Pest Management

We use a logical approach to mating disruption that really works. By measuring your in-canopy climate, we customize your mating disruption program to your unique pest behaviour.

Popular Features:

  • Mating disruption
  • Automated camera traps
  • Spray timing tools

A view of the Semios trap catch dashboard containing a map of trap counts and a trap image from an automated camera trap

Weather Monitoring

Whatever the season, knowing the climate conditions faced by your crop will help you take the right preventative and corrective measures for the best results.

Popular Features:

  • In-canopy climate tracking
  • Weather forecasts
  • Automated alerts

Per-acre temperature heatmap and a Semios weather station in the field

Water Management

Make the most out of limited resources while keeping your plants in the best condition for optimal results.

Popular Features:

  • Irrigation planning
  • Soil moisture tracking
  • Plant stress monitoring

Graph showing available water content across various soil depths and a plant water stress index

Scouting Tool

Save time scouting and stay on top of crop risk, while easily sharing your observations with your team.

Popular Features:

  • Record and organize in-field photos and observations
  • Automatically GPS- and time-stamped records
  • Share findings with your team

Semios Scouting Tool dashboard showing a map with pinned notes


Reduce reporting-related friction on your farm with automatic record-keeping that’s always updated and secure.

Popular Features:

  • Share consolidated information with third parties/collaborators
  • Support for compliance and regulatory needs
  • Historical analysis

Graph showing degree days and trap counts over time and an irrigation plan table showing daily applied water

How it works

Rather than burying growers under meaningless data, we empower them with the right data – at the right time – for the best outcome. Here’s how we do it:

A Semios field technician doing an installation


Our field technicians handle all on-site installations and our network team can work with you to ensure optimal sensor placements.

Training in the field

Ongoing Training

Get one-on-one training with your dedicated Customer Success Specialist so you and your team feel confident you’re getting the most out of the Semios platform.

Semios field technicians

Maintenance & Support

Our team monitors and maintains in-field equipment, including batteries and lure liner swaps. And whenever you need in-person or remote support, we are just a call away.

Heatmap from the Semios platform

Data Insights

We transform data from your field into useful models, visualizations, and alerts to help guide your crop management decisions and enable your team to respond quickly at critical moments.


Learn more about our configurable suite of agtech solutions that Semios has developed in collaboration with growers, to help you overcome many of your daily crop management challenges.


Learn about the powerful crop management technology that we’ll install at your site, train you to use, and help you maintain.

Industry-Leading Research

Choosing Semios is like having an entire team of researchers and scientists at your fingertips. Find out how we are transforming data into solutions and actionable insights for growers.

Full-Service Support

Get human help, every step of the way. We handle all installations, maintenance, monitoring, and training so you can run your farm without worrying about tech issues.

Our Partners

To deliver lasting value to our customers, Semios partners with leading companies to integrate with the Semios platform. Learn more about our current partners in our growing ecosystem.