Understand Plant Stress for a Better Yield

  • Easy-to-read plant stress levels: Green, yellow, and red plant water stress indicators show the impacts of your water management at a glance.
  • Optimize irrigation decisions: Get direct insight into how your crop is responding to available water. Make more informed irrigation decisions to reach desired yields while minimizing water waste.
  • Hands-off, labor-free install: We install the system so you don’t have to.

Graph showing the available water content at various soil depths, and a table showing the plant stress levels over time

Track Key Plant Stress Indicators

  • Detailed plant stress insights: Track indicators that inform plant stress including trunk displacement, maximum daily shrinkage, daily gain, and tree water deficit.
  • Real-time monitoring: See how plant stress varies with the time of day to guide irrigation timing.
  • Historical tracking: Compare plant stress levels between seasons or different crop development periods of the year.

Plant stress dashboard showing the plant stress levels, trunk displacement, daily gain, max daily shrinkage, and tree water deficit

Decision-Aid Highlights

Plant stress monitoring

  • Low, medium, and high plant stress is displayed using green, yellow, and red indicators (currently available for almonds)
  • Track trunk displacement, maximum daily shrinkage, daily gain, and tree water deficit

Track fruit size

  • Monitor fruit growth during the growing season

Hands-off, labor-free install

Semios’ professional Field Services team handles installation, remote monitoring, and maintenance so you don’t need to worry about the tech.

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