Pheromone Aerosol Dispensers

Next Generation Mating Disruption Technology

Unlike traditional passive release systems, which are unable to target pheromone dispersion when pests are most active, Semios’ networked pheromone dispensers give growers access to our variable rate mating disruption solution.

By using climate data from your in-canopy sensor network, Semios Entomologists remotely control pheromone release in response to your orchard’s pest activity. Your pheromone dispensing rate increases when pests are active for maximum impact, and decreases during periods of pest inactivity to give you extended coverage for late-season pest pressure.


The Semios Integrated Pest Management (IPM) system is built on its proprietary variable rate mating disruption solution. Our variable rate approach is designed to automatically target pheromone release during peak pest activity for maximum efficacy while providing extended coverage for late-season pest generations.

Camera traps and in-canopy climate monitoring provide additional tools that help growers and consultants improve spray timing, including:

  • Predicting the hours of the day the pest is likely to fly
  • Automatic trap catch alerts and weekly reports
  • Installed, monitored, and maintained by Semios

  • Provides pheromone coverage for an entire season with 99% uptime

  • Remotely controlled pheromone dispersion to target peak pest activity

  • Designed to withstand weather conditions out in the fields

  • Organic and conventional pheromone solutions available for a variety of pests

Climate Monitoring

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Insect Pest Management

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