Soil Moisture Probes

Reliable Water Insights

Get accurate and near real-time water content measurements with Semios’ soil moisture probes, available in lengths ranging from 1 ft to 5 ft. With this information, you can easily plan your weekly irrigation schedule and share it with your team, all from one dashboard, with Semios’ Irrigation Planner tool.

Don’t worry about needing to handle the tech — we take care of all installations and maintenance. Our water specialists will work with you to determine the best sensor placements for data accuracy, and our system automatically sets the permanent wilting point and field capacity based on your unique soil conditions.

  • Installed, maintained, and monitored by Semios

  • Continuous soil moisture monitoring and flow tracking

  • View in-canopy ET calculations

  • Quantify the impact of your water management decisions with Semios' irrigation planner tool, which provides automatic daily water balance calculations and plant stress levels

  • Combine water management data with other key insights, including weather, pest pressure, and plant stress, and access it all on one platform from your phone or computer

Plant Stress Monitoring

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Water Management

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