Proven Results for Superior CRS Protection

We’re different from your average mating disruption solution. Our Variable Rate Mating Disruption (VRMD) means the busier the pests in your orchard, the more pheromones we release.

  • Timed pheromone release when your crop is most vulnerable: No more wasted pheromones — get targeted protection when the pest is active and during male flights.
  • Better late-season control: Late-season pheromone coverage reduces crawlers for effective year-over-year population control.
  • Research-backed results: The research we completed in 2021 showed that Semios CRS mating disruption provided reduced crawler counts, little to no twig infestation, and reduced fruit damage when compared to alternative, hand-applied products.

Graph tracking cumulative degree days, CRS trap counts, and CRS pest phenology by weather station.

Labor-free Mating Disruption

Semios handles all installation, monitoring, and maintenance so you don’t need to touch the tech.

  • Hands-off, labor-free install: Semios Field Services team installs the system, saving you time and ensuring proper dispenser placement.
  • Continuous remote monitoring: Built-in sensors track pheromone dispensing frequency and rate every 10 minutes allowing our team to monitor and ensure the system is working properly.
  • No more headaches about maintenance: If we ever detect issues, our Field Services Team will be dispatched to your site and fix the problem for you.

A Semios field services crew vehicle arriving at a customer site for servicing.

Know When to Act

Get more from your mating disruption with an included suite of pest management tools to inform your decisions.

  • Automated CRS camera trapping: Reduce manual scouting efforts with automatic daily trap counts.
  • CRS phenology tracking: Monitor from California Red Scale male flight to crawler emergence by weather station.
  • Climate & degree-day tracking: Dispensers include weather stations that track climate & degree days within your canopy.
  • Monitor and manage frost: Track frost conditions and pinpoint cold spots using real-time, per-acre temperature heatmaps, plus automate frost protection with the Altrac remote wind machine control integration.

Map showing per-acre, in-canopy temperature readings and a graph showing wind machine activity over time

Decision-Aid Highlights

Variable rate mating disruption

Our expert entomologists predict and schedule pheromone application rates in response to the current and forecast California Red Scale behavior in your orchard for optimal impact and all season long coverage.

CRS phenology model tracking

Monitor from California Red Scale male flight to crawler emergence by weather station and degree days.

CRS pest pressure alerts & notifications

Set degree days or trap catch alerts and get notified via email or text when pest pressure conditions are met so you and your team can act quickly.

Automated CRS camera traps

Spend less time scouting in the field with automated camera traps that deliver daily trap catch images and numbers straight to your phone or computer.

Hands-off, labor-free install

Semios’ professional Field Services team handles installation, remote monitoring, and maintenance so you don’t need to worry about the tech.

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