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The Internet of Things Is Changing How Your Food Is Grown — and That’s a Good Thing

The agriculture industry, just like any other business, is always looking for ways to maximize yield, minimize risk, and improve efficiencies. To reach those goals, agriculture and tech companies are increasingly teaming up to implement Internet of Things, or IoT, technologies — sensors, software, and data analytics — to make the business of growing food […]

Surprise: Agriculture is doing more with IoT Innovation than most other industries

Pest Control As the organic movement gains popularity, the food and agriculture industries have taken increasing interest in finding effective and relatively inexpensive alternatives to pesticides. Pheromones are particularly useful when they are paired with the power of IoT. Wireless sensor networks like that of Semios monitor pest counts, and when it detects that the […]

EPA Approves Three New Moth Mating Disruption Products

Semios, provider of real-time agricultural information and precision pest management tools, has been given EPA approval for three aerosol pheromone products that disrupt the mating of codling moth and oriental fruit moth. “Our new formula performs extremely well at lower temperatures, emitting a drier mist that disperses quickly across an orchard,” said Michael Gilbert, CEO […]

Remote pest management with automated traps

With an electronic trap and wireless network, growers can spend less time scouting in the orchard. By Peter Mitham A decade spent developing pheromones for pest management underscored the importance of these chemicals for Michael Gilbert, president and CEO of British Columbia’s SemiosBio Technologies Inc. But at a cost of up to $5,000 a kilogram, pheromones […]

Jasper IoT Success Story: Semios

Semios delivers a precision farming platform that deploys an automated pest management system using pheromones to disrupt insect mating cycles—giving farmers a cost effective solution that eliminates the need to manually inspect traps or spray pesticides. Jasper automation provides Semios with real-time visibility into field conditions so it can remotely monitor and fix issues that […]

Canadian Apple Orchard Taste-Tests the IoT

Semios has brought connectivity and near-real-time pest monitoring to the farm, helping farmers to gain visibility and reduce reliance on pesticides. By Mary Catherine O’Connor Algoma Orchards, located in Newcastle, Ontario, is no rinky-dink farm. In fact, it’s the largest privately owned grower and packer of apples in Canada. The company maintains 750 acres of […]

Semios Ready to Rocket

Semios Selected to the 2014 Ready to Rocket List Vancouver, Canada – Semios, a Vancouver company that has introduced wireless technologies to agricultural pest management, has been named to the 2014 Ready to Rocket list. The recognition features the top technology companies in BC that are poised to capitalize on growth trends in the technology […]

Wireless connections open new era for pest control

Vancouver company using pheromones, cellphones, algorithms to protect orchards, vineyards Michael Gilbert knows which way the wind is blowing. Gilbert’s company, SemiosBIO, is using wireless communication to change the way the world grows fruit and nuts. If they’re successful – and early indications are very positive – Canada could show the world how to build […]

With mobile tech, Canada can’t afford to be complacent

“Fortunately, some Canadian firms are demonstrating such boldness. Take Semios. With locations in Vancouver and Ontario’s Vineland region, the company has developed a disruptive wireless M2M pest control system. Combining networked devices, data management and wireless technologies, it enables farmers to protect crops using pheromones as opposed to harmful pesticides. It is a technology that enhances […]