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Canadian Govt Joins PE Investors to Back Pest-Reducing Sensor Company’s $9m Seed Round

SemiosBio Technologies, a Canada-headquartered company, manufacturing sensors for specialty crop orchards, has raised nearly $9 million in seed funding. The company, which has 50k sensors deployed over 10k acres of land worldwide, raised the funding from a group of individual private equity investors and the Canadian government, according to a press release. Leading the investment […]

Vancouver-based Semios harvests revenue from research

Good news comes in bunches for Semios. The Vancouver-based agriculture tech firm has announced a private capital infusion of $8 million, a $1-million grant from Agriculture Canada and two regulatory approvals by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the State of California. “These investors are very bullish on our technology and they have had success […]

Canada invests in tech to forecast farm fruit diseases

This project from SemiosBio Technologies Inc. will focus specifically on fire blight in apples, and downy and powdery mildews in grapes. The Government of Canada is investing nearly a million dollars ($949,322) in a project to develop wireless technology that’s capable of predicting diseases that affect farm output. This investment with Vancouver-based SemiosBio Technologies Inc. […]

Semios raises $8M in private equity financing

Semios, a leading provider of real-time agricultural information and precision pest management tools, today announced it has closed an $8 million financing with private equity individuals from the Agtech community, with assistance from Haywood Securities. Founded in 2010, Semios has grown to be the largest worldwide network of sensors and control devices in specialty crops. […]

California DPR, EPA approve Semios NOW control

Pheromone biopesticide can be used for mating disruption programs. California has approved another tool for growers working to control the navel orangeworm (NOW). Semios was granted label approval by the California Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) and similar approval from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for an aerosol pheromone biopesticide that disrupts NOW mating. […]

EPA approves biopesticide for navel orangeworm

Semios has received EPA approval and California Department of Pest Regulation approval for aerosol pheromone biopesticide products that disrupt the mating of the navel orangeworm (NOW). The Semios platform includes in-field camera traps that monitor the number of pests and flight strength. When combined with wind, temperature and other environmental conditions measured and reported by Semios, […]

Wireless Networks Move Pheromones Towards Mainstream Pest Control

Precision agriculture isn’t just for cereal crops anymore. BC-based company, Semios is using wireless technology in orchards and vineyards to monitor pests and apply pheromones instead of commercial pesticides for crop protection. The system is a breakthrough for producers looking to reduce or replace insecticide controls, and is already expanding applications in orchard management. Pheromones […]

Pheromones offer green alternative to pesticide sprays

Sex chemicals confuse male insects into looking for love in all the wrong places. Don’t like pesticides being sprayed on your fruit? Some farmers are now turning to the green alternative of pheromones, the alluring chemicals female insects use to attract males. Pheromones are scent-like chemical signals used by many animals to communicate. For example, […]