Protect and Increase the Value of Your Apples, Pears and Peaches

Semios delivers precision data and intelligence for daily decision making that increases crop value.

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  • Increase Crop Value

    Semios can increase your crop value an average of $500 per acre by increasing crop output and reducing grade loss from pests and disease.

  • Optimize Farm Resources

    Maximize your resources by using localized weather and pest data to spray and water at exactly the right times.

  • Address Emerging Issues

    Stay on top of regulations, food distribution chain and food traceability.

  • Monitor & Control Pests

    Highly effective mating disruption (98%) of codling moth using network controlled aerosol pheromone dispensers.

How it works

The Semios system integrates on-orchard weather stations and camera-enabled traps delivering daily pest activity with remotely-controlled aerosol pheromone dispensers for mating disruption and an online dashboard for you to monitor your farm conditions.

  • Daily Pest Counts

    Automated daily pest counts to improve decisions and reduce labor costs.

  • Local Temperature and Humidity

    On-orchard temperature and humidity data for better pest and disease management.

  • Export & Share Data

    Easily share temperature, humidity and pest information with consultants.


  • "Fortunately, some Canadian firms are demonstrating such boldness. Take Semios."...-- Globe and Mail, Feb 12, 2014

  • "Semios Technologies, a client of the SFU-affiliated VentureLabs┬« business accelerator program, has won a $285,000 Verizon Powerful Answers Award...-- SFU News, Jan 20, 2014

Case Studies

  • Trentino, Italy
    Fondazione Edmund Mach In collaboration with the prestigious Edmund Mach Foundation, Semios is conducting large-scale orchard trials in the most important agricultural areas of Trentino.
  • Okanagan Valley
    1000+ Acres The Sterile Insect Release (SIR) Program is an area-wide and environmentally friendly approach to managing the codling moth, one of the BC tree fruit industry's most damaging and costly pests. The Semios network-controlled pheromone dispensers are highly effective at mating disruption (98%) of codling moth.

Protect and Increase the Value of Your Apples, Pears and Peaches

Orchard Trials Underway

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